[2013-09-21] Cleaning up DP
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Random Ball Z Online | Owner: Atemschiffer

Status: ON | Port: 4059 |Server Type: AlterEngine


Kinjiru | Owner: Kinjiru

Status: ON | Port: 4049 |Server Type: Minecraft Bukkit


DP Test Server 2 - Minecraft | Owner: Tests

Status: ON | Port: 4012 |Server Type: Minecraft Bukkit


NServer | Owner: Sodomx5

Status: ON | Port: 4013 |Server Type: Eclipse Event System


KI Online | Owner: Barreytor

Status: ON | Port: 4063 |Server Type: Terraria


Server Name: Spartica RP

Status: OFF | Owner: Rawrmehh


Server Name: Lost Legacy

Status: OFF | Owner: Kornamenta

Server Name: fvc.server

Status: OFF | Owner: Startus

Server Name: kirbys galactic universe

Status: OFF | Owner: Qwertybobo


Server Name: DXPtech-DP Official servers

Status: OFF | Owner: Coolmagicdude2

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